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Scared / anxiety triggers


Hi all , I haven’t posted on the forum for 4 months .. I’ve been as we all have not in the best place.. thing is I’m on my own at the moment ( I know a lot of us are ) I’m awaiting C19 results as I’ve been poorly since Sunday! Obviously I’m feeling pretty ill and now anxiety has kicked in .. I’m struggling to differentiate symptoms!

I’m just reaching out and thank you in advance.. take care all

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hey good to see you on was worrying the last time you came on.fingers crossed for your results and any symptoms don`t get any worse.take care of yourself and rest as best you can.

1973m in reply to kenster1

Thank you . I hope you have been ok 😊

kenster1 in reply to 1973m

anytime up and down like a yoyo myself bit down just now hopefully it picks up.

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