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Depressive episodes; contraceptive pill?


So lately My mind has been eating me up about negative experiences and mistakes from mt childhood. However these things never bothered me until a couple of months ago even though they occurred years and years ago. anyone got any tips on how to move on from negative experiences or mistakes from childhood and just be happy with life as it is now? It’s been really getting me down lately And I’m also maybe wondering if it’s because I’ve been using the mini contraceptive pill for 4 months or so.

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Hi it might be the pill which has helped bring these to the fore as it can mess with your hormones a bit.

The trouble with trying to ignore troubling events in the past and putting them in boxes in your head is that inevitably these will start to leak and poison your present and future. The way out is to deal with them through self awareness and lots of work. If you are finding this difficult then maybe therapy is the way to go. x

Hi, do you think I should come off the pill for a while and see if I feel any better and if not, then go to a therapist?

Why not do both first and see how it goes? x

I don’t particularly want to speak about the events that are bothering me as they happened when I was a young child (between 9-11) and I never was bothered about them previously, so I’m hoping the pill is just messing with me as I was always happy until a few months ago where I’ve been feeling down so I might try coming off the pill first :) x

Things can stay buried for many years and not bother you. But like I said they always pop up again eventually. It is up to you of course but it would be much better for you to deal with them once and for all. x

Sorry to keep asking questions haha I’m new to this, but you say once and for all? Do you think therapy would help me get over it forever? I feel guilt and shame about it and I don’t want to be judged by a therapist :/ x

Yes I think therapy will help you move on past it and deal with the issues. Why should a therapist judge you? This is exactly the type of thing they deal with and what they are trained for. This is their expertise. x

Okay maybe I’ll do that :) im not too sure on how to get therapy or how to get into contact with some - however I wouldn’t like my family to know I was going as it would upset them X

It's up to you whom you tell. Either seek one through your doctor or have a look online for ones in your area. x

Thank you very much for your help! :) xx

"Yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it." - Rafiki

There is a reason these thoughts are surfacing at this time.It might just be that you are ready to begin to deal with these hurtful experiences. The suggestion to seek therapy is a valid one and good one. I will be praying for you.

Thanks ! :)

We can't tell you if your hormones became unbalanced and triggered it.

But I can give you some tips:

If these events are something you have done for someone and you do regret, try to understand you were just a kid, and probably it is over for those involved.

If someone did something that hurt you and you think this was really important that you kept it hidden for all these years and now it is bothering you again and it is showing more than one time a day, with places , sounds and senses , bringing bad memories ,look for professional help.

Life is good

Take care

violetpup19 in reply to MarkFL

Yeah, I see this person quite often as they are family and we have always got on well and both forgotten about the past it seems so I think I just need to remind myself every time I think about it, that I was only 10 or 11 and I can’t hold myself responsible for the actions. I was also going through the worst part of my life at that age so I just need to forgive myself. Thank you :) x

MarkFL in reply to violetpup19

Stay strong and take care!

In a similar situation but I find my antidepressants help somewhat. To be honest each and every day will be different, good and bad days. I'm sure you relate to that already. I find comfort being an introvert to rest in my bedroom alone with the blinds shut and lights off.

Sometimes games, books, mindfulness colouring books help, other times I try to sleep it off a little

Okay cool, thank u!

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