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There’s something wrong with me.

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Hi I’m new here and need a bit of advice i’ve been bullied my entire life because of my weight. My self esteem dropped and just never came back up , no one backed me up or helped me or gave me advice , I was all alone my parents didn’t understand me but that’s not there fault i blame myself i was weak and scared . I became suicidal and depressed and anxious which made me more of a victim. Stupid comments like “ur fat” or “go kill yourself” and “no one likes you” really hurt ; just recently i started to get physically bullied by kids at my school, being thrown : scissors, oranges, apples , two bottles of water poured over my head and the only “friends” i had were fake they never cared they just laughed and well yea if you have any advice please share it with me and i’m visiting a phycologist Thx for your time Bye!

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hi im sorry to read your story everyone who bullied you for being over weight should be ashamed of themselves as I always say its whats on the inside that matters most and im sure you have a great heart.the only person who should say about your weight is yourself and no one else.

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Hi I knew someone at school got bullied at school years ago Stephen he got spat on all over his Baker and they used to take his dinner money off they both had accidents after leaving shool one had a motor bike accident the other one had a car accident anyway I tried to protect Stephen he was overweight aswell anyway they started trying to bully me but me decide to offer them out for a fight they backed right off then I don't know what the solution is I would say offer them a fight they will back down cos there scared or not or tell teacher your parents and move school but you need to tell someone you can trust at school about it me I would fight punch them one by one and they will back off show that your not scared and they will leave you alone all the best samia

Hi. Just wanted to say that none of this is your fault. People can be very cruel and sometimes those who bully only do it to hide the pain they have in their lives. None of this is an excuse though .

I'm a lot older than you but still remember being bullied at school. It's horrible.

Looking back I'd probably say to tell someone about the bullying. You shouldn't be dealing with it alone. Perhaps changing school might help. There may be nicer people in an other school.

Find a hobby. Something you enjoy and join a group away from school with people who enjoy it too. You will realise that there are good people out there too.

It's good that you are seeing a psychotherapist. It's difficult to get to see one as an adult and the problems just get worse if you don't deal with them.

Most of all, you deserve a good life. You deserve happiness. Be strong and keep going. Even though the bad times are bad, there will be plenty of good times.

I truly hope you find happiness.

Take care.

People can be very mean. I am very very thin,and by standards underweight for my height.Been like that most of my life really from mva's and my genes I guess. Ive also had comments said to me when I was a kid and adult.It does hurt, BUT.. think of the source who says it...ignorant mean people.Listen..its not easy finding clothes and etc when ur like me.Everyone assumes because ur thin..piece of cake and ur great.No.. do I like being this thin..heck no..Id like to have some junk in my trunk,lol because I have no trunk,lol, BUT..all my bloodwork comes out fine and besides being a medical mess in my head and my body parts..weight wise Im oddly healthy. Don't let others get under ur skin and upset u.Not worth ur time.If u r happy with yourself then that's all that's important.No matter if your thin or happy with u..because there is always someone for everyone in our world.Just remember..most of the time those people who sling meaness..its because they r unhappy with themselves..not u..ur just there. Sending a hug ur way.Its what u r on the inside and ur character :)

Hello SamiaHauswirth, Am sorry to hear of what you have been going through. I can understand what you are going through right now. Am glad to know that you are going to visit a phycologist, It can help a lot. I can understand how the people treat us can impact our life. If you have survived it all this while, then you have got what it takes to deal with it. You are a survivor, stronger than you think you are. You are not who people thing you are. Don’t concentrate on your weight because apart from that you are precious and lovely person. There will be other wonderful things about you that you can highlight in your life. As for true friends they will come your way. Check this out and I think you might find it helpful.

Ow sweetheart, you are still very young and have a whole life ahead of you. First you need to report the bullying to the school autorities ( principal, whatever is there with names of whoever does that so that they can clearly make them responsible for their actions). If the bullying is severe contact police/other autorities. And please do not get too much on social media. Some of these kids are brainless/ bullied themselves and they can become very agressive online with all kind of threats.

I would personally record the bullies and go straight to principal with the recording( providing you are allowed with mobile phones to school). Maybe request teachers to bring to school the parents of the bullies and simply sit there and tell them this is an unacceptable behaviour and nobody needs to tolerate this kind of behaviour, particularly not adults who are here to provide a safe environments to the kids and there should be consequences for this which include the expelling of bullies from school.( yes it does happen and they are sent for bootcamps or whatever). Even the adults in school can lose their jobs of they are incapable of being around kids and preventing such to happen.

Secondly talk to your doctor/GP. They can prescribe the right medication for you if that is the case which can help. Go to psychologist also. Medication + therapy will help you in long run. It's a slow process.

Please write on your mirror " I am enough." " I am lovable."

I was overweight/obese myself and reduced my weight to a healthy level but it took about 2 years. I am not sure if I can share how I've done it here but if you want I can do that confidentially , though I strongly believe in having healthy habits for life and not getting in the other extreme where you develop an eating disorder.

Hope this helps.

I'm going to use some ALL CAPS and exclamation points here, but I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at the society propogated by magazines, popular clothing stores, movies, etc. etc. that ruined my wife's life by making her feel like you do right now. As you've read, people get persecuted for being too thin! And too short and too tall. What do people want? Everyone to look the same? Does that sound familiar? It's the same demonic voice behind racism!!! You should not sit on the back of the bus because of how you look. You do not deserve a life of slavery and imprisonment in your own mind hating yourself because you haven't lived up to the standards of prejudiced MORONS! 200 years ago, YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN A SUPERMODEL! What happened that now everyone has changed their minds? Fickle "fashion" tastes originated by some rich, French jerk who has enough money to tell everyone what to wear? This is PSYCHOTIC! Don't buy into this bullcrap. I've seen too many people depressed, anxious, and killing themselves slowly on a treadmill or literally at the end of a gun because of this HATRED from the pit of hell. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH *YOU*. THERE IS SOMETHING TERRIBLY EVIL ABOUT *THEM*!!! Beauty comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and it's about time America wakes up to the fact that body-shaming is ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENT than racisim, sexism, and all other types of HATE! So the next time someone shames you, realize that they are insecure and need to tear people down in order to feel good about themselves. Do not stoop to their level; be the better person. Let them know, "I'm really sorry you don't feel good enough about yourself that you think you have to tear down everyone else, and I would love to help you feel better about yourself; but I am not going to let your hateful words get to me. I deserve better. I am a wonderful, beautiful, person, regardless of the garbage coming out of your mouth." Do it with a smile on your face and head held high.

Now yes, too much weight is not healthy. Eat right and exercise a reasonable amount. But once you do, if you're still big, WHO CARES? My wife is bigger than me but is in better shape than I. I sit all day at my job and don't exercise when I get home. I can't climb one flight of stairs without getting short of breath. She can do a plank twice as long as I and can run circles around me.

visit for body positive encouragement.

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Roxylox in reply to mjcll41

Your post , and I know it is from 2 years ago strikes me as amazing. I too was bullied about weight as a young child as was my daughter. Both of us are pretty average enough weight now, but it does stay with you.

I didn't know how to help Samia, but found your whole post inspiring. When my daughter was being bullied, my husband on encountering one of the boys involved just glared at him and he thinks he got the message! I hope Samia is doing ok now.

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