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New to the forum saying Hi

Hi all, I'm new on here. Bipolar 2 sufferer. Had major depressive episode over Xmas. Meds changed and sertraline added for anxiety. I feel so much better. Even had job intreview last week and got the job! After 30 years of constant mental health issues I know it will pass and I keep bouncing back. There is hope! I find the love and support of others keeps me going.

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Hi there Boddy1

Welcome to our Community, so glad you've found us!

Sorry to read about your Christmas episode but so glad you're feeling much better. Great news about you interview and job and I wish you all the very best.

Thanks so much for your positivity, take good care of yourself.



Hi Boddy1

Welcome to our friendly community and Thank you for reaching out to us with your positive way of thinking...I was the same near Christmas as well but like you say we always come back...im thinking of coming off venlafaxine and going on sertraline but was wondering how bad it was gonna make me feel but I'm happy for you it's helping

Take care



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