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I need help fast


I'm in desperate need of some help, I've always had problems with anxiety and overhinking situations. It's almost like I can hear what people are thinking of me and my actions. Which makes me criticise myself. The physical effects were horrendous, shaking etc. I've since been taking beta blockers propranolol before anxious situations. Which removes the physical effects, it always helps reduce negative thinking.

However, I've recently started a new job and I feel like I'm depressed. While the propranolol solves the physical symptoms I'm still anxious =( and i feel really negative and hopeless all the time.

I constantly feel like people are questioning what I'm doing, and am I doing the right thing, am I needed or am I just worthless and a nuisance. Do you think antidepressants could help me?

It's a real shame because I'm already set for a promotion and making a good impression. I've got so much to give but I'm being dragged back by my own thoughts

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I also have anxiety with negative and suicidal thoughts and feel hopeless. I started Buspar a month ago and it helps w physical symptoms of anxiety but not with my mood. I went to see a psych on Monday and I was given Zoloft 50mg. Yes anti depressants are supposed to work and help.


What a sad situation. i feel for you. I've been there. You must in my opinion do the obvious: consult your doctor straight away. Don't sell yourself short to the GP. You are obviously a capable person. It's your life; you are entitled to make the most of it. Unfortunately we seem to have to assert ourselves these days. Good luck!


Hello Sadl and welcome to our supportive Community. Two of our members have replied with advice.

Congratulations with starting your new job and I am glad to hear it is going so well.

Sadl in your post you explain how your thoughts tell you what others think of you and your actions. This makes you doubt yourself and your thoughts become self-critical, making you feel negative, worthless and hopeless.

It sounds to me that you may have low self-esteem and self-confidence. You are very self aware Sadl, your last sentence 'I've got so much to give but I'm being dragged back by my own thoughts' bears this out. I believe you do have a lot to give too but please learn to give to yourself too.

Have you heard of the 'critical voice' Sadl? We all have one, in fact we all have many voices e.g. the loving one, the empowering one, the confident one, etc. Now your 'critical voice' is drowning out your other voices and probably has for quite some time. You can silence this voice Sadl, remember all voices are really our thoughts.

I am not sure whether you have heard of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), it is a therapy to help learn more helpful ways of thinking. It can be hardwork as you may be challenging long held thought beliefs. It can be fun too Sadl. I think it will help you with your critical thoughts.

Make an appointment to see your Doctor who can refer you for CBT. There may be a wait as demand for these therapies is quite high.

I hope this helps Sadl, we are always here to support you. I wish you well,

Lottie x


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