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Hi, my name is Gabriel. I'm a 14 year old guy and lately I feel like I've been alone, like life is meaningless. I have never been to a doctor for them to tell me if I actually have depression or not but I am almost 100% sure I do. At school I am (not to brag) but one of the more popular people there. But I just feel like people don't really know me at all. Or in the same matter I don't feel like anyone in general cares at all. I don't feel like I have a bad life at all, I think I have a family that love me, a welthy family at that, good grades, and not bad looking, but I just feel empty. I don't see a need to really live at all. People won't ever bother to remember you and the people that do will just eventually die, then there would be no evidence that you even existed on earth. Everything will just die and you won't be remembered, that's the mindset that I've developed on myself. Through this I have contemplated and attempted suicide before and frankly I don't really have anyone or thing to turn to. I just feel alone.

I must just sound like a rich kid telling a sob story in this don't i? I probably don't even have depression and I'm just rambling on making myself look dumb. Anyways does anyone else have this feeling? I just feel like I need someone that understands how I feel, also for someone to tell me if I do have this depression thing or not. Anyways, it means a lot to me if you actually took the time out of your day to read this. Thank you.

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  • Hello Gabriel,

    For a start you don't sound like a "rich kid sob story"- if you're feeling down you have as much right to be heard as the next person!! 14 is a really difficult age- you're not a child but aren't quite an adult yet, you are full of changes and hormones that knock your system out of whack. It can quickly lead to feelings of sadness or anxiety. I can remember feeling the same way when I was your age, the "what's the point?" mentality that can feel really overwhelming at times.

    Don't worry, these feelings will pass. Life gets better as you get older- you have more purpose. But if you feel that you're too overwhelmed at present, go and see your school counsellor who will listen to you and get you help if they feel it's necessary. You'll get through this!

  • Gabriel, you really should talk to someone about how you're feeling. Go and see your Doctor, and if you ever feel really bad, like you want to hurt yourself, PLEASE take yourself straight to A&E at the Hospital. They have people there that can help you. Take care.

  • Love, you are at a lovely time in your life when you still have to be at school but getting to the age when you are realising that you might actually have a purpose in life. You are 14 when your parents will be finding it hard to let go of you as a child (trust me on that one, you are still their baby), but you know that you have your own opinions and feel that they should get off your back.

    Completely understand the feeling that nobody will remember you if you died but that is actually wrong: two people that I know died at the age of 18 and there are so many people that were affected by this. Horribly. The effects on parents and friends are unimaginable. For the rest of their lives.

    What you are feeling will get better, blame it on the hormones and it will pass. There is such a good life to get out there: get yourself a bike, trek in the Welsh hills or travel abroad. Do it.

  • Hi Gabriel, I am Ellen. I am 16 years old.

    Depression is hard. I know. Personally I have not been diagnosed with depression - but I know I have it. You do not have to be diagnosed with depression to have depression. If you have depression - you know it.

    It drains the every fiber of your being. It ruins your everyday life. The things you used to enjoy - you used to love - you won't want to do anymore. You won't enjoy them anymore.

    You do not sounds like a "rich kid telling a sob story" because truth be told - depression can happen to anyone. You don't choose to be depressed. Depression chooses you. You may not know why your depression - heck it took me three years to know why I am depressed - but it is now your choice what you do about it.

    I know this is a difficult time. I know exactly how you feel. Having to live with mental illness on your back when you have homework. School. College to think about. Friendships. Relationships. Grades. Exams.

    It's bloody stressful and not many people seem to understand that.

    You seem like a lovely person. A very selfless person.

    Please feel free to message me if you want to talk. I don't quite know how this website works as I have only just signed up today!

    I know how you feel - message me. I can give you advice that people failed to give me.

  • U dont sound like a rich kid your going through alot of hormonal and body changes at this age but you shouldnt b feeling this way im 33 now but i felt very much the same as u at this age talk to someone now before things become unmangerable i dont know were ya from but from but the uk has the child line num which is 0800 1111 its confidental and u dont have to give detail alternatly is there an adult in your life who u feel u can trust to talk to mayb a teacher god parent gud luck

  • I feel really similar actually except I'm a girl, I turn 14 in a few weeks and I'm not really popular I'm just kind of me (a nerd :/) 

    Just keep going because you can do this (life) 

    It's really hard sometimes - I know but just talking to someone can be the best thing you can do. People can't always  be there If you don't let them in. I know it is difficult but people will be here for you. I can't claim to understand what it's like being you but please don't give up, you can stay strong.

    To be honest I should probably be telling myself this too

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