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Hi there guys, I hope everyone's Monday is treating them kindly. My name is Katie and I recently came across HealthUnlocked along with the Above and Beyond community.

I am a professional dancer in San Diego, CA. I also have a healthy living blog called Hungry Beastling.

Unfortunately, last year I had to take a hiatus from dancing due to my fatigue, and within the past several months, my lack of motivation and energy has kept me from working on my blog.

I'd love to connect with others who truly understand what it's like to struggle with depression.

You know? People that just "get it."

Really looking forward to meeting some wonderful new people. Take care.🌷

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Hi there HungryBeastling

Welcome to our lovely friendly community you have certainly come to the right place we are all in the same situation here well I'm Nat I'm from the UK 🙋🙋 it's a pleasure to meet you...

Hi Katie I've just read your a professional dancer wow I'd love to dance good again but I think I'm too old lol (42)😀 my daughter is a professional cheer and street dancer but had to quit because she's pregnant bless her...so you have the awful depression too it's horrible isn't it just creeps upon you without any warning whatsoever and it's very draining physically and emotionally are you on any meds to help I know a lot of people try to avoid the meds but must admit I've had it 17_18 years had to medicate in the end to boost me a bit because depression does knock the wind out of you and it makes us feel vulnerable and feel weak that everyone is judging us it's not very nice to have well I'm a new friend for you who is around to chat so consider yourself a friend of mine

Here if you should need to talk

Love natxx

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