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Feeling Positive

My third day on here I find it stress relieving to have someone listen to your thoughts and give feedback on the topic. I was in a terrible condition yesterday it felt as if my soul just died and wanted to cry but I decided to suck it up and go to bed. Today wasn't as bad besides the rainy weather but it made a difference just letting go of some thoughts. Maybe it helps maybe Its a lie who knows?

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It's been less than 24 hrs for me and I already feel lighter. It feels good to connect to like minded ppl with all different opinions. It feels good to not worry about dumping on someone doesn't get it. This website/app is greatly designed and a life savor. It's rebuilding connections we no longer have in our day to day lives. How can you get worse by constantly being reminded you aren't alone? It's brilliant!


Thank you for your lovely comments ToLiveLikeWeRDying. I am enjoying being a part of a friendly and supportive Community too.

Lottie x


I am glad to hear you had a better day yesterday Opposite Glass and you are finding posting on our Community a stress reliever.

I guess the answer to your last sentence 'Maybe it helps maybe it's a lie who knows?' depends whether you want to look at it positively or negatively. Personally, I prefer to look at it (and most things) positively therefore I will always choose 'Maybe it helps.' Take care,

Lottie x

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None of us 'depressives' should have to face our illness alone. Years ago, I was in that position, feeling completely helpless, and not having the strength to dig myself out of the 'pit of despair'. I eventually found that doing a yoga breathing exercise was great help. It's simple: sit upright on a chair, your feet on the floor, back straight. Breath slowly into the nostrils, at the same time stretch you arms out wide forming a half circle. Hold you breath for a second as your hands come together above your head; then let them slowly down in a circular while you release through you mouth. Close you eyes during the exercise. Do it as often as you feel comfortable. Afterwards, sit quietly for a few moments. I believe this will help. It derives from Oriental ideas of breathing (prana), to which they attach great importance.

I hope it helps.


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