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Is it okay to skip 2 nights of sleep in a week?

I have a bit of trouble sleeping.I'm 16.During school,I have this issue as well.I randomly can't fall asleep and go to school with a sleepless night.But it happens rarely,like once every 5 months or so,and I get 7-8 hours every night.But now,during summer,I go to sleep at about 3 or 4 every night.Last week (6d ago) I tried to sleep but at 4:40 I was still awake and decided to just stay awake.All good,I recovered the sleep that I needed.But now...it is 5:52am and I haven't slept a bit,even though I tried for hours.Now,I'll get through this sleepless day just like any time before.But my question is - will it affect me long-term if I get the sleep that I need tomorrow?I can't find anything on the internet about it.

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