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For a few years now, I have felt as if my life is completely and utterly meaningless. I truly believe I have no use in this world and sometimes I question my existence. Recently, I've been having suicidal thoughts which constantly comes up every day. I have distanced myself from many people in my life, and I no longer know anyone whom I can trust. I know I should get a professional to diagnose me, but I am still fairly young. I live under my parent's roof, and they don't think I need to get diagnosed by a doctor. I am in a decent environment, so part of me believes I have no reason to be depressed. Could it be depression?

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Have you told your parents you have suicidal thoughts? That should be taken seriously. If you are a teenager, most likely your hormones can trigger intense feelings. It is a challenging time. You are Important though. Out of all the 7.5 billion people, you bring your own unique perspective to the world. These questions about your existence are normal and lead to spiritual evolvement. Don't give up. You have so many good things ahead of you.

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That was real nice of ya to wright that, pal!


Maybe you're bored. Start doing what you love, or find what you love, and simply do it as much as you can.


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