Feeling a little lost

hi all - dont even know why i am writing this .... but here go's

I am 37 and have an almost 3 years old perfect little girl - she is my world and me and my now ex husband wanted her so much, but after she was born things drifted and i guess as a lot of couples do we drifted apart. We split about 4 months ago and as it was my choice I guess i just got on with every thing.

But the last week or so I have been feeling really down, tearful and sad. ITs been 2 years since i lost my dad and he was my absolute hero and im unsure if i ever actually go over loosing him - I didnt really get a chance to grieve properly either.

Should I go to the doctors or see what happens?

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  • Go to the doctor. Find a therapist. Get help.

    Life is ups and downs. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad. I'm a loner but I'm finding (unfortunately) that I need people. I am very introspective and like talking to others to get different perspectives and to learn things about myself.

    Good for you for taking action on your relationship. Keep taking action. I find that helps me when I'm depressed. I want to sit and wallow (and often do!) but it is much better when I take action. DO something. Anything. Move. Action helps. Otherwise nothing changes and we continue to suffer.

    I hope you feel better soon...Try to think of happy things. Cliche but true...If you look for the bad you'll find it, if you look for the good you'll find it.

  • Don't worry dear .Every one has to face some difficulties in life but life never stops .you should try to live your life .try to think something good in you.take care

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