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Feeling anxious all the time


I feel anxious for over several years now and i want to feel happy again. Now my daughter has left our flat it makes me feel lost even if i got 2 cats. The worse part of it is i dont have anybody to talk to and to find places where you find symphatetic people is hard to find.I like to thank my daughter for her support i can count on her but i still have to sort my own life out.I am starting to go on Jobsearch again which i havent done for a while,get some advice and to make sure i dont have to move back to my native Germany again since ive lost my mom over 1 year ago.Since then ive lost a dear friend(my mom)as i cant talk to her nomore.My daughters the only family here in England and i dont want to loose her again with living in Germany again and only have the oppurtunity to see her after several months and then only as long as her holidays last.I need to put every effort into it to get myself going special now ive to take the flat over.If i dont help myself who will?

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