Back in June 2016 I was diagnosed with anxiety & depression by my GP, she prescribed anti-depressants & a course of CBT which seemed to help. In November I thought I was feeling better so decided to take myself off my tablets & discharge myself from my therapy group- BIG MISTAKE!!! Although I felt 'better' I clearly was not! As the days & weeks have gone on I have started to feel the symptoms rearing their ugly heads again & now it's gotten to the stage where I don't want to go anywhere, see anyone & my main thing; feeling insecure; I instantly fear the worst in all situations & worry about every little thing. It's truly ruining my relationship & my life.

I feel like I should go back to my GP but all my friends say when I try to take to the about it is 'pull yourself together' or 'just cheer up' which makes me think I'm just blowing everything out of proportion & im wasting the doctors time.

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  • Your friends are clearly not helpful, if you recognize yourself becoming depressed again you should do something about it straight away and not hold back, even if it is for a few check ups, no one deserves to feel alone or be put down and feel like your over reacting in circumstances like yours. I hope you start to feel better soon.

  • I'm not a doctor but I think anyone who has suffered depression should not really come off the medication - I came off it for 9 months of continual struggle and got in a right mess. DEFINITELY go back to your doctor.

    It sounds like you have a general problem with life itself rather than a specific circumstance afflicting you?

    Can I impress on you to work at 2 aspects of your character.

    - a more humble mindset. Don't expect too much from life, does life have to be that great for you anyway? Many simply just cope from day to day. Lower the importance of your own thoughts eg when you get up do you think, oh no not another rubbish day , instead think whilst it might be a rubbish day, it doesn't matter what I think, I have to keep moving

    - work on your resilience/endurance. This means carrying on at slower rate but still doing things you know you should do. So for exampleyou don't want to go anywhere then:

    - make a list of places you can go to when you feel bad. It doesn't have to be for long eg a walk in your local town, visit the library, a 20 min walk around where you live, do the food shopping. Plan for these things when you feel better and do your best to carry them out when you feel rough. Tidying the house is another, put the washing in, clean the car. All this type of work when you are under pressure building your endurance and humility but also take time to rest as it is mentally energy sapping at times.

    Just work on these things for now and see how well it works, I promise you it does. Never give in to depression, remain under its crushing weight though and slowly go forward, be a grinder not a high flyer.

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