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I'm always bored, what should i do?

I'm a 19 year old uni student from Australia whom lives with his parents. I have/had a good life so far, nothing to complain about.

I'm in the middle of my uni holidays, it lasts till end of February. Working part time at a restaurant. But i really have nothing to do.

Till now my everyday life was, to go to work, finish around 8-9. After that meet up with my mates and smoke weed till like 12. Then go home, sleep late and go to work again. Honestly back then it was boring as well, after a while we were (me and my mates) out of things to talk about or do, so we were technically siting quietly and smoking. Doing nothing else.

My new year resolution is to quit smoking weed and cigis, honestly it's not as hard as people say (that's what i can tell after three days not smoking) it's just i get a lot more free time. I had nothing to do before, and now i have even more free time to do nothing. Usually spend my free time on the internet watching youtube videos and streams on twitch, sometimes tv series or anime. But it's all getting really boring.

Technically I'm not antisocial since i have heaps of friends, don't have a girlfriend doh, never really had one. I just can't keep up conversations with strangers, it doesn't matter if it's a guy or a girl. I go to parties almost every weekend, where i usually sit with 3-5 of my mates and all we do is drink smoke and talk shit. Nothing special. Guess I'm waiting for the girls to start a conversation, not like i would know what to do/say once i get that far.

I have no hobbies or any kind of interest in doing anything, I have tried playing computer games after 10 hours i get bored of it because there is no one to play it with. Except fifa, i play it with my mates, which gets boring as well because we don't do anything else just play fifa.

I guess i have the MOST boring life ever. I wanna change it. Any good ideas how to get started?

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Australia - a great sporting nation, why not try and get a 5 aside footy team going, what about golf, ever tried that, badminton maybe, even skiing. How fit are you, do a bit of jogging, I started when I was 14 and still footballing in me 50s - I advise a bit of internet research to see whats available locally

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