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Came to the us for a life and now I'm stuck

I came here in August for school but circumstances changed now i'v applied to stay here. I can't get a work permit or a driver's license for the next 5 months, which doesn't seem long but it is when u'r life is just office and the house that's it. I 'work' at my aunt's office with no pay so far,she drives me there and brings me back,i live with her and all is ok with her.but I'm Jst tired of being alone with my thoughts, thats never been good. I haven't met new people past the people I met the first week which are none my age. I'm a loner and can get suicidal. I came to escape that but this case I started forces me to not leave the country cause if I do I can never come back. I was told that wouldn't be the case when I started my case, I thought I'd get to see my family back home. My situation Jst feels hopeless and feels like it won't get better. I'm Jst tired of crying everyday and having to pretend I'm ok to my aunt to not offend her.... Long story I know. But if anyone has had a similar situation or just wanna help

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You should just wait it out for 6months.

Get your mind off with distraction.

If u feel suicidal, i can't help.

But take from my expirience. I spent short time in prison. The worst one if compared to US prison.

All day long i can only sit. And do nothing. No entertainment or anything or anyone to talk too. So i just sit there and watch the floor all day long. Till i fall asleep and woke up and asleep again.

It will be worth it if you can survive till your wait is over. After that you can move or do anything you want.

Trust me. Waiting with a job and basic needs fulfilled is better than what ive been through.

Hang on and always look at the end of the road. What is your goal. What u want. Imagine it everyday with detail.


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