Hiya, I need some advice

So I am new to this, just saw it on the NHS website and thought I'd give it a try! I am 20, and I have been feeling very lonely and sad lately. I have panic attacks often and think I suffer from anxiety although I haven't actually been diagnosed. I am living away from my parents and don't have many friends, and I have been feeling lost, paranoid and not motivated at work. I don't know what to try to feel better about myself and my mental state if that makes sense. I used to go to therapy when I was younger for coping with bullying and my parents divorce, but I haven't been in a long while, and don't know if it would help. Any suggestions on how to boost my mood ? Should I talk to my GP and consider therapy again ? Thank you x

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  • I definitely think talking things through with your GP is a great idea. They will most likely offer some guidance on what options are available to you and which options are best for you!

    In terms of anxiety and panic attacks, have you tried meditation techniques? There are a few free anxiety apps online that I've found to be helpful!

    Hope you find your feet!

  • Definitely try medication, I've been on it for years and it helps a lot with no side effects - doesn't work stright away though

    Might you feel better to move back home, even if not with your parents, then at least to the same town

  • Hiya,

    If you don't have any friends you can turn to then it might be wise to move back closer to your parents and visit them occasionally to give yourself company. I know what bullying does and the anxiety it builds up in you so don't feel you are alone. The only way to overcome anxiety is to face it step by step and learn how it affects you and deal with those little issues. slowly you will overcome it. I still suffer from it so I take my time socialising with people but sometimes you have to be in the crowd to know your gremlins so that you can sort them out. it might come across as counterproductive but in order to overcome this you need to learn about yourself. medication might help temporarily but don't think of it as a life long solution but short term until you get back on your feet. therapy is very good but it only works if you are completely open about your issues, and you practice what they tell you to do. if you have issues doing so then always turn back and talk about them.

    you are working so you're earning and saving. it sometimes helps to invest a bit into your spare time with interests and hobbies. it helps move your mind forward and away from any negativity and helps spur up that challenge in you to get things done rather than leave them to one side eventually forgotten so here you have to learn to challenge yourself and mentor yourself to pursue an interest. there might be clubs that share one of your interests so go along and pay them a visit and share what you know and learn off them. use this as a drive to learn to overcome your anxiety and make friends

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