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Life not worth of living anymore

Ive sufferered from depression since i lost my husband&my dad in same year in 2001 just 1month apart from other my dad died 23 sep01 my husband 27 nov 01 the wost is i found my husband dead body i just came back from my dad funeral back home in thailand on 10 oct 01 then new year eve i been in a car crash that i almost blind or die ive been section in hospital in 2002 for 1 month of breakdown 2003-2004 been in domestic violence relationship 2005 ive list both brothers 1mnth of each other again2007 been attack by an ex he almost killed me case gone court he was walj out scot free ive been left homeless scared ive been on &off my med&last year my relationship broke downlast month my mom started getting unwellturn out she got cancer now she still in hospital back home am on my own alone living in fear knowing the fact that my mom can go any days&i cant be with her😭😭😭😭💔💔💔

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wow, there is nothing I can say to that, my own troubles pale by comparison - you must be a very strong person and receive great strength


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