Whats the point of Life


I have been asking this question for many years but can not find a plausible answer. I spend a lot of time analysing death and many a night i have gone to bed wishing not to wake up. I managed to get out of really bad depression by trying to think positive thoughts. I had a very good doc but now he has moved on and now feel i have to start all over again. I had 4 sessions with mental health but found that they just listen with no positive action. I am so limited to what i can do as i suffer pain 24/7 i was on liquid morphine but the doc has said it was the wrong pain relief so has switched me to a slow release morphine tablet and paracetamol. To early to say if its for the better? I wish i could work out what causes this illness as i have no money worries with the house paid for and being retired no work worries. I get so annoyed when i see the state of the country and the way it is heading, i get sick to death of all the scroungers that bleat they do not get enough in benefits ( i worked all my life and took any job to earn money) now they want me to fund them with my taxes. Sick to death of the crooked MP'S. The illegal dross thats flooding the country. I seem to take the weight of the country on my back. I wish i could build a wall around myself and shut out the countries failings. I know i have rambled but feel a little better having put it in the written word.

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  • Hi. The truth is, there is no point to life. There is no ultimate goal apart from the ones you set yourself.

    Life is just about absorbing any joy out of anything you can and trying to mitigate all of the bad things, which I know we are constantly bombarded with.

    I know this isn't exactly a positive answer but really it's just the truth. There is no point in life. You exist. You either get on with it or...you know do something stupid and 'opt-out' prematurely.

    Im miserable in my life pretty much constantly. But I just try to get on day to day and occasionally something will happen that gives me a bit of joy or happiness and that's it.

    Look how many posts like yours there are on the internet. Millions. And thats just the ones who've bothered to go on the internet and write one.

    Everyone feels miserable but they either hide it, or are too moronic to understand life and the world. Pity them. At least you can see things for what they are.

    If all else fails, people won't like me saying this. But I started taking valium (diazepam) which I know isn't ideal. However it significantly changed my life. I went from a nervous, shy, silent person. To the happier, relaxed person I always knew I really was. I got a job, felt able to approach girls and can talk in front of large crowds like it was my own family. Like I say not the ideal approach but I'd rather live like that then how I was before.

  • Hi

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I eventually came to the same conclusion regards the point to life. I have gone from working all my life ( now 66 ) to doing very little due to severe back problems and for the most part feel useless. i used to have a very good doc but he has moved on and now i have had different doctors over the last couple of months who have also moved on and i get tired of going through the same thing with each new doctor. I'm trying to think positive thoughts and to accept my limitations i now spend time reading and just an hour pottering in my work shop where i used to do wood working as a hobby. I keep saying to my self i am retired and don't need to work. My last doctor suggested a book dealing with mindfulness but it wasn't for me. One book i would recommend is "Don't sweat the small stuff "

    I should be thankful that most of my life i have been fine and its only since i had to pack in work that the depression took hold, i would like to think that if i accept i can not carry on doing what i used to do work wise

    then things would improve. I do realize reading the posts published on this site that there are many in a much worse position and from such young ages. I don't have as many black days as i used to and the times i have gone to bed and wishing not to wake up have also receded. I also appretiate the fact there are people out there that do care and this is proved by the number of replies to many of the posts.

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