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Diary of Sertraline use

I thought I would put the effects of this drug to possibly help people for future reference. I know everyone's experiences with this AD will be different but hope this information may prove if some help.

Day 1

Feeling sick

Not worrying as much

Tired ( didn't sleep at all previous night

Feeling a bit less anxious, still thinking of problems but able to enjoy watching TV at the same time, couldn't before.

Already able to switch off from unhappy thoughts a bit easier, still a worry but a little more dulled. Probably a result of the side effects rather than it working at this early stage.

Day 2

Hands feel a bit shaky, arms and legs feel light.

Worrying a bit less than before day 1, Heart and breathing faster

Feel a bit detached when carrying out normal tasks. Feel tired. Feel sick, reflex heaving a couple of times.

After a couple of hours physical symptoms feel better. Still worrying but still dulled so not as bad.

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Thank you PaulJj and thank you for mentioning that everyone's reaction to Anti-depressants is different. It does take a while for the body to adjust to the medication and it sounds as though these will be suitable for you, I do hope so.



Thanks for sharing your experience with Sertraline. My doctor prescribed it for me. I found it interfered with my nighttime sleep, and discontinued using it,

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Fortunately my doctor has given me some sleeping tablets as well.

After day 4 the feeling of sickness has now gone and appetite has improved. Worrying is less prominent although still there.

I hope you find the right AD for you.

All the best Paul


For me personally it did nothing



Day 5

Slept well, not feeling sick at all not shaking. Worrying earlier in the day but not so much now, almost like a numbing feeling in head when I try to worry. No sinking feeling in pit of stomach. I feel like I've had a few alcoholic drinks even though I haven't.


One week update

Day 6

Slept ok, maybe 5 1/2 hours. Worrying about problem but not as bad as before taking tablets. Bit shaky, groggy but don't feel sick. Worrying a lot about problems during the day, however managed to get through the day working and carrying out small tasks. Had bath more relaxed. Now it's evening I'm relaxed with nice dulled slightly tired feeling stopping me overthinking.

Day 7

Slept really well, woke up tired but not yet anxious. No headache. Feel a bit dulled. Eaten all breakfast. Feel better today than any other day so far. Ate dinner with no problem for first time. Went to cinema watched the film with worrying in the Background.

Day 8

Woke up not feeling sick. Worrying in background not at the front feel much better than this time last week! Feel tired, groggy Not too stressed in head.


Good post Pauljj. I am just on 2nd day. Yesterday felt a bit sick with little appetite and occasional adrenalin rushes but better in the evening. Had a small glass of wine and no effects. Today very tired and sluggish.Will probably just watch tv all day. Not able to go out and about yet but will take each day as it comes.

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I'm now feeling so much better! Stick with it and hopefully the same will happen with you, the side effects will lessen and the feeling of taking control will get stronger 👍


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