Dealing with a mother with severe OCD and possible Depression

Hi All,

My mother is severe and very aggressive OCD. To the point where even if a chair is slightly out of place she becomes extremely aggressive. She doesn't like visitors or children coming round. She doesn't go out at all and when she does, its only because of a wedding or a funeral. She can't stand anyone not even her son. As a result she is extremely aggressive at home and frequently feels the need to shout and scream if things are not the way she wants them to be.

What doesn't help is the fact that she is medically trained(a surgeon in fact) and refuses to take any medication that will make her rest or is used to treat OCD or depression. This is because she feels that she will lose control over what she already has control over(OCD based thoughts). 

It has got to the point where I actually want to leave but can't, it is effecting me so much. I go to work and this is all i worry about. What can I do as she refuses to speak to anyone about this and doesn't turn up to any of these appointments to get checked?

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  • Tell her how much it is affecting you, a mothers love can override any of these aggressive feeling's that she gets. I am sure that if you tell her she would make an effort to go to the appointments.

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