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So I've been suffering from depression for about 2 and a half years. I have been on and off various meds during this time and I am currently on fluoxetine and have been for about 7 months when I first started taking it I did feel the benefits and was feeling better in my self and only having the occasional bad day but now I feel like I'm have more and more bad days than good.. I have been considering going back to the doctors to see if u can have stronger meds to help me but I feel that I will just be going back again in another few months with the same issue and begging for more pills.. I don't know what to do anymore I just can't seem to see an end to this cycle and I'm really fed up with it..

Sorry about the long downer rant I just had to get it off my chest :/

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  • Hi There, try not to rely on pills. they are only a temp solution until you can find your feet again. what you need to do is find active ways to reduce your chronic stress so that you feel more relaxed. the best way to do this is set a day to day plan for the week with a number of things to do. they maybe things you never done or don't fancy doing but the process here is to get your mind engaged in learning and doing active things so that your mind does not concentrate on negativity. if for example in one day you have 5 things planned, like jogging, volunteering, learning to cooking, gardening, etc. due to your depression and its effects, if you can complete just one task from start to finish then that is a really good step. Next, make a task that for that day you will try to complete 2 tasks. for task you may find difficulties in completing so don't take it to heart, put it to one side and relax with a break or you may need to learn how to complete it and use this as motivation but don't try to learn it all in one go, take it step at a time. this plan going to be a slow process but don't give up and be determined, as at each level you need to crank up the activity in order to feel the positivity in yourself. I've done this too to get better and it does take time but you will get better.

    let us all know how you get on

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