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Hello. I was just wondering if anyone else had problems with personal hygiene issues. I have had clinical depression and anxiety for over 15 years. I feel like I do not want to wash or change my clothes or even brush my hair ever again. Just wondered if anyone had any tips of maybe small steps I can take to change this as I don't know where to start. Thanks.

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  • Can I please tell you that what your saying is so much like me , I have battled this illness depression for years , just getting out of bed is an effort, I have to do things in stages people just don't understand what it's like it's so bad for all of us , what I do if I'm not going out I just don't bother though I'm told I should when going out this really is to be done in stages 1st a wash I fill the bath then basically all I do is sit in the bath I o put shower wash on a sponge then I simply wipe myself down.

    Drying myself is the biggie so I don't, I wrap myself in towels then just wait for my body to dry itself, I'm told things will get better but at 61 I don't hold out much hope, I pray for you darling and wish I could give you a big hug , your not alone.x

  • Yes - and I find I am embarrassed by it. I put my priorities on everyone around me and not taking care of me feels like a way to just cut down on things I have to do. It is not right and adds to the weight of being depressed. I feel so worthless and who cares what I do anyway. But again that is wrong because I should care and logically I know it is important. I have a challenge for myself and set the goals the night before. Then I must do it. Like treat yourself like you would treat someone you really care about. Put on clean bedsheets, have a bath or shower, dry off - which another commenter agrees really is hard to do- put on something fresh you like to wear while sleeping and go lay down in your freshly changed bedsheets- then think about how you feel... You hopefully feel proud of yourself - which only someone who has the same problem can truly understand- and you should be proud of yourself. And just relax and think about how good it feels to be clean and resting in fresh bedsheets and pillow cases. Make a list of things you don't feel motivated to do. Maybe brush and floss, comb your hair, have a shower

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