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Finding it difficult to work

Have been fired recently by one job for arguing with the manager (I was paranoid they were slagging me off behind my back so approached her and it turned into a huge slanging match). Now I am in the first week of a new job and yesterday I felt paranoid again, the depression has hit big time and I DO NOT want to be around people.

I am off sick today (genuine health reasons) but aware this isn't going to make a good first impression.

I feel I am incapable of keeping a job due to my moods of highs, lows and aggressiveness

How do I find help financially? I have a son to provide for.

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Go to the docs, get referred explain how urgent this is. I agree with you, you need to tackle this now and you need help. Its all about framing things differently in your mind so you can feel less anxious. Also and I have no idea about this but maybe short term medication would be an idea, help you relax.

I have suffered from paranoia and one big step is even acknowledging that what you believe isn't actually true, so well done you on coming that far. That said it doesn't help with you anxiety.

Are you struggling with the actual work at all? If you are you need to workout how to ease that, there will be a way and that will strengthen you when dealing with the paranoia, you'll be on firmer ground.

Doubtless you arent doing something you love, but maybe you can find something in the job that is enjoyable, one or two elements.

Well Done for getting a new job so soon and on having a son!

Go easy on yourself and get as much help as you can, you deserve to be in a better situation.

Sending a BIG HUG and BIG WELL DONE for sharing XX

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I agree get some help from your doctor asap. I am retired now but used to have to make myself go into work some days because of paraniod feelings. There is help out there so make that appointment. I think some medication will help you it used to help me. It may take a couple of weeks before you start feeling better.

Well done for sharing and make sure you go to the docXX


hi there, I'd been in similar boat as you with new job and depression so i can understand how important it is for a 1st good impression. firstly, see your GP and get medication. i'm sure you like the job you do and medication can help to ease the feelings so its a first stepping stone. Next step is seeing a therapist and talking about what is the issue that is making you feeling this way. I once told someone that being para about what people are saying about you is not going to help. people will always have an opinion about you and talk whether you're there or not so try to slowly practice not thinking about it because it's not going to help you going forward. If you are able to get time away from your son then as a short term exercise to ease the stress try going for a jog and see if that helps to work it off. make it a regular thing.

If you need some financial advice then I would recommend you see citizens advice bureau. they will do an initial review and if it's something they can help you with then you will be booked into another appointment. don't forget this is a charity organisation so all the people volunteer their time. I believe you can have a telephone interview if you cannot make it to their office.

I can understand when you say highs and lows so don't worry too much into it. step at a time and you will find ways to ease that tension and stress and enjoy your new job.

I've done a blog on my experience with depression at work. its not a long read but its lower down on the page, if it helps.


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