I have been depressed for a while now and continue to battle it.

I feel very selfish as I have lots of wonderful things in my life. Great family and friends. It started roughly 10 years ago and have battled it since. I have stages where I'm very happy but have times I think about just giving in. If i didn't know how much it would hurt my family i would have given in.

I don't see the point in anything sometimes. We work our life's and end up with nothing just things. I need to see someone but am ashamed to be honest as I feel I'm selfish and people have worse problems than me.

I have everything but feel I have nothing. Everybody worries about small things that are so pointless in life. It just drives me too drink and push people away which only makes things worse.

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  • Hey it doesn't matter how your difficulties compare with the man down the road's. What matters is how you compare to the way you used to be; what has changed for you. That's the only thing you should be concentrating on. Having depression is nothing to be ashamed of. It's an illness, like any other, that can be easily treated and you can feel better x

  • People have different problems. It's hard to compare them. It may look worse because it's a situation we can't comprehend. Don't feel shame from your situation, don't feel selfish.

  • there is one point. the point is you have a wonderful life to live so why let depression get the better of you? it sounds like you have a very good network of people you can tap in for support so if I were you open up to someone you sincerely trust and talk about what you are going through. I think two issues people with depression have.

    1) they only think down a one way street. talking to someone makes you realize there are exits i.e. other ways/perspectives to think a situation through or other ways to deal with things.

    2) I feel that people with depression tend to put up barriers themselves to tackling or moving forward with dealing with depression i.e. saying No or being lethargic about going things, you need to slowly teach yourself to stop doing this because i feel it will only become a habit.

    I have done exactly this. coming from a asian background I have not told all my family relatives, not that I ashamed but because they will only gossip, make it sound worse than it is and I really don't need pity at this time of recovering which I am doing quite well. If you feel you can't talk to someone then always consider counselling. I've also done a blog on this in the hope it helps someone find ways to get through this.


  • Hi...Hope you are ok..this post could have been written by me! it mirrors what I and probably lots of others feel. Pushing people away and not being able to talk about it is how I get aswell. I don't have any magic advice, I just so wanted you to know that I know how you feel...honestlyxx. Don't ever feel ashamed of how you feel. I have found in the past that when I do mention it, so many other people suddenly admit to having problems...you are not on your own. You are not selfish..but that is something I feel a lot too...tell yourself you are not, you deserve to feel good too!! Can I ask what age you are if that is not too personal? Take care for now xxx.

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