Is there help beyond tablets?

I'm currently on a high dosage anti-depressant but this is not helping completely. Around once a fortnight, sometimes more often, I will completely lose my mind and go on a rampage. My boyfriend is usually the brunt of this and I am totally inconsoleable. I have locked myself in the bathroom with a knife and tried to take an overdose on several occassions but have been stopped by my boyfriend. I know I have a loving family and we also have an 8 month old baby but when I have these "turns" I completely forget about everyone and want nothing more than to die or cause myself pain.

I wouod like to know if there is anywhere or anyone I can talk to to get further help as I need to get help or I'll be dead one day...

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  • You mention that it seems to happen once a fortnight - could it be related to your hormone levels?

    I suffer from hormonal migraines and they hit me when levels change so I get them twice a month - not just in the build up to my periods.

    Have you kept a diary that you could take with you when you go to see the GP - and may be your boyfriend could come with you to back things up?

    There are other things - talking therapies, exercise and meditation that can help with depression but it sounds like there might be something hormonal going on.

    Sudden mood swings can also be a symptom of B12 deficiency


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