Tooth abscess/infection causing tinnitus?

Hi there,

Im new to the group and have had contact with NicTBA who has been great.

I wanted to ask if anyone found that the underlying cause of their T was a tooth abscess? The last few months have been bad with being on and off antibiotics. January/feb it was an ear infection with vertigo (this started as pain behind my left ear and mild deafness). March I got otitis media with effusion (think thats what a&e doc said)The pain was incredible and I was in a&e twice. All I wanted them to do is pop my ears.

My face is very puffy and I have continuous post nasal drip (which has been going on a while but has got worse). Also have neuralgic pain around left side of face (cheek, jaw, forehead and out to the ear).

I saw the dentist 2 weeks ago (i thought, you never know there might be something there) and my two upper back left teeth need work. 1 is probably a root canal or extraction. the other is a filling. She took an xray and said it looks infected and she will know more when they open it up. She gave me 7 days antibiotics. This helped the puffy face and I started to feel better but now its all back. Ive decided to get the tooth extracted today as I have had enough.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

My T is somatic and changes from ear to ear very quickly. I've also had itching in the ear canal and a feeling of wanting to get something out of the ear. This is happening in both ears which is what is confusing me.

Thanks and sorry for the long post!

Kornish Piskie

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  • personally i would not be surprised i kinda get this feeling sometimes that is to do with that area - large teeth at the back, inter connecting blood vessels, but then you never really know with tinitus it could be anything i have been reading up on stuff and just cant find one logical reason, lots of theories but still nothing exact.

  • Hi. I have all that you describe above so empathise with you 😢😊

  • Hi Lindsay, thinking of you and let's all hope that there is soon a breakthrough to quieten all tinnitus. Love, Angela xx

  • Thanks Angela. I took myself off to the Country Park this morning. I have to smile at myself - I never do anything by halves and now I have found that being amongst trees with rhe bird song above offers some respite I decided to ' wade into ' the undergrowth ! Got lost amongst the wild branches etc. Luckily my acute hearing picked out the road a way off and I made my way to it , crawled under barbed wire and walked back to the car park. I will survive as Gloria sang , in the wilds or with my tinnitus ( just need to be a bit wiser in all things)😂

  • Hopefully not grazed and bleeding! Better to be outdoors than indoors to calm everything. Angela xx

  • No , thanks - I was more worried that I had my slightly smarter jacket on ! I am now listening to Forest ( as in football) , happy i have just finished writing a lottery funding application for the residents group of an older person's sheletered accommodation. Happy saturday to all

  • Hi Lindsay6, I had one tooth done and strangely i think my tinnitus quietened down with the injections! sounds weird I know but was checking it through the day. Another tooth is being done next week so I will check again. Hope youre getting yourself sorted xx

  • Thanks - I am not good at looking out for or after myself, but am going to have to get better 😁

  • I've had super mild T for years. Exposure to lots of noise from a lot of places and things. Now at age 62 it's loud. It became this way after 2 days of hearing aid trial. In a few months I have several things bthst aggravate it. A hard day of strenuous work. Bending over for several minutes. Congestion and allergies. Today, a near miss auto accident when a drive crossed the center line and back. I gave me an adrenaline shot. Hours later the ears are still raging. I'll manage. I just hope sitting down or breathing become the next T irritations. Good luck to all.

  • can't see it being a bad tooth that caused T but let us know how you get on

  • just back from 2nd tooth filling. No root canals and no need for any temp fillings to help settle infection. Her first diagnosis of them was you may lose one and have to root canal the other. I started gargling with propolis as I had heard it's very good at getting rid of infection. Dont know if it helped but for sure will get propolis toothpaste :)

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