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Vaginal bleeding

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I’m 77 and woke up to sigificant vaginal bleeding. - bright red (not my hemerroid)

Went to er got cat scan and blood work - no masses and blood ok. They are not sure but may be an atrophied old lady part. Advised to see gyn. - don’t have one cuz i had a total hysterectomy 20 yrs ago. But i will go. I had never heard of this occuance before. Glad the bleeding has stopped for now. Any info from you out there

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I had that, Gyneacologist said it was "normal", I was late 60's and had a hysterectomy twenty years before, but not ovary removal. Lasted monthy about two years! Doctor then said you are still here so it couldn't have been anything bad. Not impressed. Wish you luck.

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