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Just some help or advice

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I had an iud fitted last month and have bled abit every day since with a little cramping, I’m unsure if this is normal and will settle down or to go back and have it looked at, it’s ruining my sex life( 3rd world problems I know) but if anyone can shed any light I’d be grateful

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Hi, I would ask this question when you have your 6week check of your IUD with your doctor or nurse. A gynaecologist once told me it can take 6 months to fully settle if it’s not helping or your bleeding is excessive then they consider removing it. Al seen if your bleeding is excessive please seek medical advice ASAP. Good luck

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Ah thanks for that, I wouldn’t say it’s excessive, and to be fair I’m not getting the headaches I normally get on my period, I think I’ll have to give the clinic a call as they didn’t tell me to have a 6 week check, I just wish they’d tell people this can be the case(prolonged bleeding) I just assumed that it meant a few days longer than normal each month

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You could try searching your specific IUD within the search at the top see if anybody else has encountered similar with your brand? But usually you get checked after 6wks thats usually standard if you are UK based? As after that check they then encourage you to check the threads every so often.

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