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Pink salmon like discharge

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Hi guys pink salmon like discharge with no odour? I am on the contraceptive pill?

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Hi! I’m not an expert, but it could be a case of spotting. Pink discharge could also be a sign of infection (like chlamydia), so might be worth speaking to you doctor. (If you’re in the UK and under 25 there’s plenty of sexual health clinics that will send a test for free and directly to your house).

Hope this is helpful x

Thank you I have already done a free swab kit and posted back last week I’m also on the pill so worried if pregnancy can be a option. No odours or anything so really confused. I did have irritation before the pink discharge started and I brought a canesten but then the pink discharge started. Irritation has stopped slightly with cream x

How weird! Well definitely go see your GP or sexual health clinic if you’re concerned. A clinic will know more than GPs and can do a pregnancy test for you. A GP can send swabs off to check for infection like BV, thrush which aren’t always tested by sexual health clinics. But I wouldn’t worry, it might just be spotting and your body reacting to the pill, but definitely speak to a professional if you’re concerned x


the canesten can cause the pink discharge from what i've read online. Look it up on mumsnet forums as a lot of people have found the same issue. I think its because thrush can cause irritation to the cervix and if you used a pessary that would be a sure thing as to why. I've had spotting caused by Thrush itself before as well and im on the mini pill. If it goes away i wouldnt worry but would also do a pregnancy test for your peace of mind :) hope this helps

Hey guys sorry for late response. The pink discharge was present before I used the canesten treatment and doesn’t look like it’s helped? Irritation has stopped around as far as I’m aware. Sti swab test results came back all clear? I usually have a stable period every month on pill and this month doesn’t seem to be period present just very light spotting?

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Have you done a pregnancy test?

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Yes negative