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I'm writing on here because i feel like I'm at my wits end. I am 26 years old and for the past year and a bit I have been suffering from heavy painful periods. I was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid in July 2017 and after a lot of hassle got it removed in April 2018. In June this year I got a copper IUD fitted and my periods since then have gotten even worse than when I had the fibroid. I'm currently in my 3rd week of bleeding heavily and am struggling to do normal things such as go to work because I'm scared of getting into a mess. It is putting strain on my happy relationship. I have been to A and E only to be told after 10 hours of being there that they couldn't take the IUD out. My GP can't do it. I went to a GUM clinic yesterday to get it removed and she couldn't find the strings and that there is an abnormality in the opening to my womb which could be another fibroid. I was sent away feeling let down and alone and like no one wants to help. I asked what I was supposed to do at the clinic yesterday because of the IUD is still in the bleeding and pain will continue but I wasn't given any help. I just get the feeling that I'm supposed to just get on with it. But I'm sick of it. I want a hysterectomy but I was told I'm not allowed one by the GP. Can someone please help me?

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I really feel for you! You’ve been through so much. It’s ridiculous that someone can’t get that iud out. You need a compassionate and skilled doctor and it’s become your mission to find one. I’m in the same position and have been let down by my doctor too. She seems to be spread so thin and her time is very expensive and she passes me off with quick advice. I think you & I have got to believe, have faith and know that we will find a good doctor and get the help they can offer. Sorry I don’t know about iud’s personally. We both have got to put our health first and make it a priority. I tell women the 3 magic words for keeping your relationship strong through a health crisis: respect, admiration and affection and then the last trick is laugh and be silly or at least have a sense of humor with your partner and take on the challenge of finding help, don’t make him responsible because he will feel defeated just like we do. Make sure he knows he makes you happy and fulfilled, it’s just this physical medical challenge that’s bringing you down but you WILL find answers. Sending you strength sister. I know it’s like a miracle to manifest the will to go out and ASK and plead for help and your life is in the balance. Keep reaching out, maybe check reviews on Yelp, but there IS a doctor out there who can get you answers, relief, peace and the care you need. Keep in touch.


Where was the IUD fitted? Your GP or GUM clinic should have referred you back there, or to a gynaecologist who can remove the coil & assess the fibriod & current state of your uterus. If you get no immediate help, contact PALS at the hospital you attended, & make a full complaint.

As your likely to get no help during the weekend, make sure you're taking a good quality iron supplement to prevent anaemia, but avoid any containing ferrous fumarate. Opt for ferrous sulphate or ferrous bisglycinate which are better absobed & easier on the digestion. Make sure you take it away from grains or food & drink containing calcium, or tannins such as tea, coffee, & red wine. Do eat it with some fruit for vitamin C as this helps absorption & reduces constipation. Take anti-inflammatory &/or pain medication appropriately until you see a doctor that can help.

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