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Vagina lips burning

My vagina lips keep burning. This started 2 days after I had unprotected sex. After a few days of dealing with this, I went to the clinic. I had no change in appearance, no bumps or redness or being swollen. No odor, no discharge. Everything looked normal. Dr. Diagnoses me with a UTI, after my urine test showed that. Put me on antibiotics. Ran all std tests, they have all came back fine. (Herpes and HIV test results aren't in yet)

I felt much better after the antibiotics. Now 3 days later, same symptom! I'm done with antibiotics. Lips burning. It does not burn when I pee. No change in the appearance. I feel like I'm losing my mind. Or is this paranoia???

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if it is a uti, organic 100 percent cranberry juice with no added sugar or cranberry juice capsules which are easier to take is a natural antibiotic and soothing for uti........lots of water...no sugar and taking a probiotic pill am and pm

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