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Cystitis and back pain

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First time here. Maybe someone had something similar.

It’s from October that I fight with cystitis, last one after a sexual intercorse with my boyfriend.

I had in total 4 cystitis, all four treat worn antibiotics, but from the second one I had a terrible back pain!!!

After a a&e they found (again!!) blood in urine, and white cells... that’s mean infection!!!

Tonight I had this strange sensation to have back pain again, lower back pain... and of course worry to have the same.

I start to think it’s something repeated with my gastrointestinal area because I feel bloating, and all that therapy with antibiotics for sure didn’t help.

I did ct scan and no kidney stones and all that area was perfect! Just constipation

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I’ve had a distended stomach, and back pain myself with cystitis, it’s unpleasant but quite common. And, sometimes symptoms can appear after sex, brought on by friction. If the problem doesn’t clear up, it can take a while for antibiotics to work, discuss with your doctor whether you need a referral for investigation.

Yes, you can get a UTI from having sex, especially if you're a woman. “During sexual intercourse, thrusting can introduce bacteria up the urethra and into the bladder, increasing the risk of a UTI,” explains Dr. Lakeisha Richardson, MD, OB-GYN.19 Nov 2019 › health › uti-a...

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Cote88 in reply to wobblybee

Thanks for this reply! I feel so alone.... I did 4 cycle of antibiotics... they changed all the time.

I know it can be friction, and I was thinking to buy some pills for dryness

Do you urinate after intercourses if not you should as it helps clear any bacteria that might be there from the sex x

Yeah always did

Are you using a strong soap to wash with as for me that can cause uti aswell I was always able to use any soap to wash now I can only use simple

Nope I use a specific soap.. I will try to leave it the soap.

But I think it’s some dryness as well

Could be how old are you if u don’t mind me asking

32... but I use a contraception pill and I read it can be cause of it

Yh well maybe that what it could be see what your doctor thinks

Yes, but unfortunately they just tell me to take antibiotics... nothing more

Have you tried cranberry juice also dunno if your from the uk but in our chemists they sell sachets of this stuff which u mix with water that’s for uti

Yeah! Tried everything! 😭

D mannose too!

Bloody hell 😩 well keep us posted on how you get on I really hope you find something that helps you 👍🏼 I know how uncomfortable they can be

Thanks! I try to do research by myself... and I think I can push the gp to do some more test

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Gulliford in reply to Cote88

Hi I have suffered with this for years and in the end nothing I do seems to clear uti

I have at last had a referral for tests

So I would most certainly ask for a referral don’t suffer any longer

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Cote88 in reply to Gulliford

Thanks! Which test did you do?

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Gulliford in reply to Cote88

Waiting to go for tests at hospital

Hopefully they will find the reasons for this

I will let u know about test when I have been

There are lots of creams, etc that you can use for dryness, even natural things. Research it & look on Amazon. I use Replens & some women use coconut oil. If you're dry you need something inside of you. Probiotics might help too, your ph could be off from the antibiotics & your good bacteria too. You could ask a gyno or NP too.

I was reading about replens.

Anyway my idea is today finish the course of antibiotic, and after start some vaginal probiotics, and I saw something for the dry

Hey Cote88. I have had many bouts of cystitis some bacterial and most non bacterial. When you’re someone who is too familiar with cystitis you know when it’s coming on and if you can intervene before it sets in you’ll save yourself a lot of grief and pain! Solidago by Avogel from the health food store and lots and lots of water are your best friends with cystitis! Keep hydrated, avoid alcohol and caffeine and empty your bladder after intercourse. Take a probiotic especially after all the antibiotics. I’m not sure about the back pain. The only time I got back pain was one time when the cystitis spread to my kidneys after a course of antibiotics failed to clear the infection. Sorry to hear you’re suffering with this. I hope this is of some help to you. Good luck.x

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