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Black spots

I was wondering if anyone could help I had a baby 6 weeks ago and have had a lot of issues since then due to an episiotomy not sure it's connected but the last few days the lips of my vagina have been really itchy and sore ( sorry tmi ) but today I've looked and there are 6 browny black raised spots that were there before and I have looked online but can't find any advice really worried it's something serious ! Please help

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It probably is something serious, you need to get to emergency room or your Gynacologist really soon (like I mean next 24 hours) because stds don't cause black dots but something a lot worse does it's called fournier gangrene, flesh eating disease of the genitals, which is basically parts of your body die and therefore decompose.

You could lose your vagina and it can spread, please seek a doctor really quick.


To put your mind at rest, get the spots looked at. Could it be where you have scratched it, you have made it sore and bleed? Do you have varicose veins from the pregnancy, these can look blue/black in your labial area. If you are in extreme pain, swelling, redness, then get yourself to A&E real fast, let us know how you get on, best wishes.


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