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Periods age and smears

Hi, I'm 48 so perimenopause periods every three weeks ish so not reliable. Had a full normal well for me heavy 7 day period which stopped in time for my smear test. Had the smear then started with brown blood a then a full on heavy period again!!! Just worrying myself silly. Just wish it would stop. Not sure if it's the smear brought it on or just the start of the rubbish before menopause?? I have heavy periods anyway as I have fibroids. Also I get period pain on off through out the month. Anyone else experience this??

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Hi I too am 48 and cant remember the last time I had a period but I can remember they just fizzeled out. I get pain in my womb and back alot and I dont know what the problem is when I wake up am in agony . x


Hi, I get pain without a period sometimes to but I do have fibroids. Have you had your pain checked out? Oh I can't wait to have no periods!! Having another one now so 3 in a month now. Think mine is the start of the menopause. Feeling drained.


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