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My Life After Lipo And Tummy Tuck, Tummy (pain, pain, pain)

Hello I had a lipo and tummy tuck surgery approximately 3 yrs ago and its been one thing after the other from worsening of gratro, problems to excruciatingly painful abdominal from the bottom to around the belly button area, Left side excruciating pain, with bulging, tightness and very tender to the touch sometimes not being able to be putting clothing on around my waist also experiecing bulging in the groin area! Can anyone share anything that may help me??? CT scans are revealig nothing except diverticulosis and irritation in the stomach with mucus.

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Hi there, Diverticulitis is very painful so it's no wonder your feeling unwell. My brother has it, I myself have Crohn's and have also had UC. Has your doctor prescribed anything for it?

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