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Please please help

Ok so ever since having my son my period has been off well the last 4 or so months it's been pretty normal its always been about 7 days but the days off but the last four months it's been normal like if anything just a day or two off but it's mostly been on the 6 n Saturday the nineth I though I was starting alil cramping had I had blood alil and some blooding brownish dark pinkish discharge so I started using tampoons but it stopped like when I got up Sunday it was completely stop but mi stomach feels weird like I'm still kind of cramping but it's a lot discomfort and my down area is sore and idk y. is this normal if anybody has any idea what might b going on I'd really appreciate some information?!?!

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I'm not sure if I understand? How old is your son and how old are you? Could you be pregnant again? Getting cramping and some bleeding but not a full period can happen as your periods get back to normal after birth or as they slow down coming up to menopause but since this is unusual for you I'd suggest seeing the doctor, she can ask the right questions and get a full picture.

Good luck


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