General Anaesthetic

Hi im just getting nervous as ive never had a general anaesthetic and have to have one with the day op im going to have to remove my Polyp and Biopsy my womb lining. If anyone has experience of this,what does it feel like?. I dont want to feel like im losing control or start to fight it or anything. Is it like the needle goes in and your asleep?, just like that?. Its the only bit im worried about. I dont want to embarass myself by causing a scene or panicking when im coming round?. So can anyone give me all round advice about this?. Thanks

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  • They usually ask you to count to ten. I get to four, and fall asleep. It's THE best sleep ever!!! Every time I wake I just want to go back into that sleep again. You'll love it! Nothing to worry about at all

  • Hi B, don't worry at all! You might feel a bit anxious when they take you to the theatre and they put a small needle in your hand but it really doesn't hurt and then like Shirley said it feels like a warm blanket - it feels great. 😜🍀🍀

  • Try not to worry, i had on removed as a teenager. You will be fine. :) maybe ask for anxiety meds for the morning of. Journaling, guided meditation, and deep breathing exercises help rid of that stress.

  • thanks ladies, im looking on it too as conquering a big fear. Once ive done it ill feel Fantastic!. : )

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