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Irregular bleeding on mini pill

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Hi does anyone experience random bleeding and/or spotting while on the mini pill( it doesn’t matter what brand). I’ve been taking Noriday mini pill for years and had nothing but all of a sudden after 2 years im getting on and off bleeding. I just want to know if this is normal? I’m worried it could be a sign of something more serious? I’ve visited the doctors and they just advised that it’s most likely down to my mini pill and offered to change the Brand.

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Hiya, I've recently had irregular bleeding on my mini pill (desogestrel) since about October last year. I had a period for 1.5 months and then another period for 1 month in January, with spotting in between. My GP did not seem very worried and just gave me Tranexamic acid which can essentially stop a period so it might be worth mentioning that to your GP? She sent me for some bloods as well to check my iron which was all ok. It seems like GPs don't take it seriously, and while I'm sure it's nothing awful, it still feels like they're sweeping us under the rug when there could be a medical explanation for it.

Hey thanks so much for your reply. It’s reassuring to see that it’s not just me with this issue. I’ve also been on desogestrel like you and had even heavier irregular bleeding 😩 i ended up being advised to take 2 desogestrel pills per day to stop the bleeding, this worked but only for a few months, but I’ve heard it’s been successful for others. :( I’ll definitely mention tranexamic to my doctor at my appointment thank you! I’ve spoke to countless doctors about this and they all basically say the same thing, to deal with it or switch pill, without investigating it further :(. Wishing you the best. Charla x

No worries! It can be infuriating trying to find out this information on your own. I've been on desgoestrel for about 3 years now and it's been fine up until now, I'm not sure if maybe after a while it just does that maybe?! If I were you I'd try to push for an ultrasound too just to be safe, just to make sure you haven't got any cysts or fibroids that could be causing the excessive irregular bleeding. xx

That’s exactly the same for me, I wouldn’t even be concerned if I’d have been experiencing this from the start, but 3 years on and I’m getting this, it’s strange but after searching a few health forums, it seems to be a common thing for the mini pill to start off fine then all of a sudden start acting up. But I agree an ultrasound would bring me a lot more peace of mind!! Thanks sm for your help, take care xx


I know this was posted months ago but wanted to let you both know im in the same boat. Was on Cerazette, then cerelle then back to Cerazette... 15 years.

Im not sure if its linked to covid but i had covid in April 2020 (suspected) and after that i had loooadds of breakthrough bleeds as in like some lasting 3 weeks then a week break then back to bleeding for 2 weeks. Was really not normal for me.

I went through many things with the doctors. In the end just "double dosing" which i am now finding more and more common. It worked for 3 months then another bleed for 2 weeks then a 3 month break.

I will say the double dosing seems to help a lot more than before but just find it weird lots of people started having this problem since the pandemic started on Mini pill that never had issues before.

Have issues now resolved for you? :) im still double dosing and have been since December 2020. I asked gyno if i was okay to still do this and she just kept recommending the coil. I didnt take it as a yes or a no haha.


Hi thanks for your reply! Nice to know it's not just me. I was also on cerazette before my issues with Noriday and ended up having to double dose as well. It only worked for about 2 months and then I went back to bleeding nearly constantly.

I've been to the doctor about the spotting at least 3 times and tried to push for an ultrasound scan but I didn't qualify unfortunately. I could only have a pelvic exam at the GP. All was fine and the doctors weren't concerned and assured me that, spotting, no matter how long you've been taking the mini pill, is common. I've also heard so many people having issues like this since Covid, it's so strange!

I've now changed to the only mini pill I haven't tried - Norgeston (levonorgestrel). I've been taking for 2 months now. The spotting has settled, and I'm getting more of a period like bleed every 3 weeks. Which is better than before I guess. I just miss having no periods on the mini pill, as I really got used to it. But I'll see how it goes. The mini pill is so unpredictable. However I want to try and stick with it as I'm too much of a wimp for the coil.

I've read that having a 1 month break from the mini pill can 'reset' your body and may eradicate persistent and frequent spotting. So if my new pill fails me, I might try it out. Fingers crossed for us 😊🤞🏼hope all goes well for you x

just started bleeding again today, 6 days after it finished.

OH no :( i was about to reply to your last message and then saw this! I honestly cannot believe the GP wont send you for a scan. I made a big song and dance about getting a scan and they infact found a cyst on my ovary which was causing me a bit of abdominal pain. I also ended up getting Thrush twice within 6 months, but having no symptoms of it other than thick discharge between the bleeds.. not the normal cottage cheese kind though. I went to a Gynecologist who said the bleeding wouldnt have been caused by the Thrush but hey ho...

Have you had tests for infections etc? You can get an STI one done easily to rule out a couple of them but you should still have further examination. Im shocked that hasnt happened for you.

Have you recently started taking any vitamin pills or anything? I know some can interact with the pill.

I was also recommended coming off the pill to 'reset my body' but she said 3 to 4 months rather than one! Luckily im actually getting a break of over a month inbetween the bleeds but the spotting lasts for like 10-21 days rather than the 2-3 days i used to get with breakthrough bleeding. Its only coming out as 'old blood' now rather than the mix i got last year. But i may also 'reset' my body if things get worse again. Finally!!! im not the only one who has heard of the issues starting since Covid haha! One doctor i spoke to last year asked me if i had had covid and said she suspected long covid could be a cause as many other women were experiencing issues with their pills. Not that i've spoken to anyone other than you yet.

Im really sorry to hear you're bleeding again :( It causes me so much stress and anxiety so completely understand what you are going through. The doctors will now tell you that due to changing the pill you need to let it settle for 6 months. So annoying! Im also guessing they are pushing the coil on to you as well? Its literally all that anyone says to me. How long does your bleeding last one it starts? :( :( xxx

Hey! I also suffer with abdominal and back pain when bleeding and did mention this at each appt and at one point I was worried I had a ovarian cyst. Yet the doc still didn’t see any need to get an ultrasound 🙁but have been tested for every infection it could be. And I do suffer from reoccurring thrush which I never used to get before the mini pill. Doc said bleeding could be from the thrush but once all other thrush symptoms disappear after treatment, the bleeding did not :(. So I just have to hope i don’t have any underlying issue causing the bleeding lol. The only other meds I take is vit B+D and been taking those way before i started the pill but who knows 🤔

I’ve not stopped bleeding over the weekend and it’s actually rather heavy and painful. On this new pill I’ve found that it lasts exactly 7 days. Unlike on Noriday it was so light that I barely needed any sanitary protection and only lasted 2-4 days. I’d take that any day over this now lol. So I’m regretting changing to Norgeston a bit. And really not sure where to go from here 🤣 putting up with painful symptoms for 6 months just to see if it ‘settles’ is a long time. Especially when there could be no improvement whatsoever. I think it’s completely unreasonable for doctors to suggest!

And yes of course, every time I go, I get bombarded with info about the coil and how it seems better suited for me blah blah. I’m just not 100% on it :( and I wouldn’t feel as in control, say I experienced ongoing symptoms I’d have to go through having it removed as opposed to just stopping taking a pill. Plus I’ve heard so many horror stories about when it’s fitted. 😫 I’m really not sure it’s for me! Thanks for your response I felt quite alone with it all until now xxx

I also get abdominal pain! Never got that earlier on though with the bleeds, only since last year. But when I had a cyst it was a sharp pain on my left side (where it was) and doctors found two small cysts on my cervix but no one is worried about them. I'm glad you've been tested for all other infections and that's really interesting about thrush with mini pill 😳. Do you get symptoms with yours? I'm so paranoid all the time now. I didnt even get the normal kind of cliche discharge with it so now I've no idea what's normal for me or not 😫. I also take vitamin D and B! Only started the B recently but I remember forgetting to forget the vitamin D for a few days and then my bleeding started. Also take a strong probiotic for vaginal health to prevent anymore thrush.

If I were you I'd really push for the ultrasound, especially because you get abdominal pain. I made out i was in more pain than I was actually in to be able to get it 🙈. Had another 6 weeks after the first and the cyst and pain had gone... but it was after I took thrush meds. I think the internal cream/pessary worked better than the pill. Weirdly a few weeks ago I got paranoid I was getting thrush but started bleeding the next morning. After 8 days of spottimg brown I thought sod it and used internal cream (even though it says not to use when bleeding) then bleeding then turned red but stopped a couple of days later.... 🤷‍♀️

I'm so sorry its painful and heavy! It's so deflating 😥. I'd say suggestion wise is to come off pill for a tad and let yourself rest then go back to the pill you were originally happy with? You might have to wait it out a bit again but may work? I think that's what I will do if bleeding comes back soon! actually spoke to nurse today to get a repeat prescription and she asked if I'd thought anymore about the coil and I said yes and was undecided and couldn't deal with it right now 😂.

10000% with you on not feeling in control by being on the coil. Also the fact you can get more infections and argh to the horror stories!! I've got a few friends of mine that love it. One was on mini pill bit got a polyp on her uterus so she kept bleeding loads (another reason you should get a scan) but coil has been great for her.

I feel very much on the same path as you right now and happy I found this post 😊! I hope your bleeding stops soon 😣 but get back to the doctors ASAP and just say bleeding is heavy and sharp pain, hopefully that will give you a scan. Xxx

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