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Nexaplon implant removed

Good afternoon,

Hope your all well.

I just wondered if anyone else has felt the same as i do after having my implant removed.

I recently had it taken out due to anxiety issues. However its been a week now and i feel horrid. Iv got awful pressure feeling in my abdomin and my back.... I guess like really bad period pains without the period :( it even woke me up last night and i started to shake as if i was freezing, it also feels a bit strange when i first sit down, as if im pushing something upwards, if tbat makes sense. I also have dizziness and, sorry of tmi but alot of discharge. Could this all be related to my body adapting to having no hormones pumped into it after so long? Could it be due to ovulating and iv never felt it before because the implant masked it, i also have sore breasts aswell :(

P.s... Im not pregnant so hoping someine has felt the same and can let me know its normal

Thank you xx

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Sorry meant nexplanon i think lol. Either way i mean the 3 yr implant xx


I had Implanon for 3 years and after I had it taken out I don't recall any of the feelings you describe. But I do recall a lot of discharge with some discomfort but no period.

Your body will definitely feel wierd when you have your next period after not having one for so long! Similar to a first period after having a baby I believe.

I did end up becoming pregnant about a month after it was taken out so my symptoms could have also been affected by that.

I do think you may be having normal symptoms but it would be safer to check with a doctor if you're getting dizzy and feel like somethings is pushing up.


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