Help! I'm worried about TSS?

Hello! I do suffer from extreme health anxiety & now I'm worried about toxic shock syndrome although I know it's rare. I left my tampon in Saturday night into Sunday morning which was about 9 hours. I never usually use tampons anyway but that night I was. It was a super absorbent tampon too. I don't have a rash or fever: the only thing I'm worried about is if I barely touch my skin it turns red for just a second & my skin feels cold if that makes sense? I mean wouldn't I be extremely sick if I did have it?

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  • Someone1, I think you would have become very feverish and sick yesterday if you had TSS and your skin would be hot to the touch not cold.

  • Hi😊

    Lots of women probably leave a tampon in overnight, in which case 9hrs doesn't seem excessive.

    According to there are other risk factors thought to increase the risk of TSS.

    For example:

    A contraceptive diaphragm

    Wound infection after surgery

    Staphylococcal/streptococcal infection

    Having a baby

    A skin wound, or recent chickenpox

    You are probably worrying needlessly, if you really need reassurance, see your GP.


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