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I'm worried

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I've been for my smear test and had the results back as high risk HPV, they won't test me again till 2 yr time I'm worried things will change in my body to proper cancer of the cervix. Has anyone else had this. It could be through a number of factors why I have it my ex, my partner of 4 year, it happens seemingly but if a guy has it he's ok but not for me it can turn bad. I no longer want to have sexual fun with him and feel sick with fear. Looking for words of advice or if anyone else had gone through this.

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Hi there listen hpv is a very common std moat woman will have had it....generally it clears like a cold I'm 62 and had it for 5 years had smeres colopcopies and they found no abnormal cells each time and it still stuck around they only started testing for this around 7 yrs ago so u can have had it years and it laid dormant but I wouldn't worry if you were high risk they would suggest a coloscopy to see if any thing but 2 yrs it's just a precaution as it prob will have gone..my hpv went btw lol....jx

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Thankyou for taking the time to reply to me MOLLYMILO0077, I've never been late or had anything abnormal show on any other smear tests I've had done and when this came back as high risk and showing HPV it's sent me in a panic.

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Reason they say 2yrs as it can take 2 yrs to clear I'm sure if they we worried they would advise u.....jx

Can I ask why they are waiting 2 years for a repeat? I just looked and saw you are in the UK. It's different in the US. Are you allowed to ask for a colposcopy?


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They said it can clear up and will re check then. I don't know of I'm allowed to ask

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From what I understand there are different levels of risk with a high smear. It's the level that indicates the next step.

Sounds like you may just need some medical reassurance. Maybe just a call to ask for an explanation again? Sometimes an additional discussion can alleviate a lot of anxiety.


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Thankyou x

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