Cold legs, feet and hands?

I don't think it's raynads or anything. But my legs are always cold and blotchy, and my feet and hands stay their normal color but they're cold to the touch. Should I worry? It's been like this for a long time. I don't experience any other symptoms and yoga seems to temporarily help. Should I just work on losing weight and doing more exercises? They're just always so cold! My mother is always cold as well but doesn't have any diseases or other things that cause it.

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I started out with that ailment ( hubby liked cool hands , it was that noticeable to him rather than myself), and diagnosed - Hypothyroid- so that would be a good place to start on your personal journey, your blood isn't getting to your extremities and is staying at your core (heart, liver, kidneys, to keep you from losing heat) so your heart has slowed down or has difficulty pumping ) there could be underlying issues with your heart but best to start at a point and work your way around the labyrinth. since I am suffering with rickets as well (taking D3 as I type) it slows down the bottom half of the heart , so as the D3 starts working I am feeling better each week, I am having blood pressure taken each week till my levels improve, hands and feet nice and warm now thankfully, just the rheumatism to deal with now, there are circulatory problems with this complaint so it should not be ignored.

It does sound as if there is a problem with your circulation. My husband has very cold legs (one in particular) and has to see a vascular specialist. He did have a heart procedure carried out a few years ago, so not certain if there is a link or not, as scar tissue could have caused a blockage. Do get it checked with your doctor. This wasn't meant to worry you so I hope I haven't!! Hope you get on ok.

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