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Hello My name is Debra, I had a duodenal switch in 2007. I can just document my experiences, not all good, then if you have any questions please ask I will be honest about what I might have done wrong but also comment on my opinions of what went wrong with my surgery. When I started searching for a type of weight loss surgery I first wanted the least invasive and found out that the one for me since I had diabetes was the duodenal switch surgery. I lost a total of 200 lbs but I also became Mal-absorption along with it. For starters, I felt that the Dr. made my stomach so small he said 4 oz but I might have needed a little more. I was unable to eat but a few bites for about a month. Along with vomiting when I ate just that 1/2 bite too much. I was unable to purchase protein as I was suppose to widowed and having 3 kids still at home things weren't so easy. I don't want to complain but I had chronic diarrhea for 6 years on and off. I was always taking yearly blood test to make sure my vitamin panels came back right. I was always deficient magnesium, calcium, but my thyroid came back after about 2 years down the road hypothyroidism, which by the way suspected I had my whole life. because of my being overweight. As I look back I know I was over eating and my digestion was very slow. I then proceeded to have a tummy tuck along with a hernia repair, I ended up having to have a blood transfusion at that time because I was weak from the surgery. I was asked what kind of tummy did I want I said not knowing, flat abs, the Dr. tied me up so tight that I felt I couldn't breath when I woke up. Anyway little by little I got used to it. By 2010 I had lost bone density and my skin became very thin and I would poke myself or the dog scratched me and I would get a gash it would damage so easily so I have this skin condition and started feeling cold and became pale. I had been to my Gastrointestinal Dr. he told me I should have a reversal of that surgery that that was the only way I would survive, my kidneys were at 23% and my system was starting to become weak I even thought I was terminally ill but got some test on my immune system and that wasn't the case at all, it was Mal-absorption the inability for the body to absorb protein, was causing all or most of my issues. Throughout my ordeal I did periodically take my protein and tried to eat things with more protein like peanut butter etc... non-the-less the place where the Dr. leaves a specified length of absorption space was just too small and that led to diarrhea which led to inability to absorb protein so my body suffered . When I got the duodenal switch reversed, I expected to just get a piece connected but the Dr. reconnected all of it. (My thoughts, not sure at this point) I have regained 100 lbs of my weight I don't eat a lot but I have not gotten the diabetes back as of yet. My Thyroid has a cold nodule and I have edema from I am not sure yet could be heart, liver but I have had mostly all of my health checked so here I am still surviving and eating healthy Hernias back but its on the right side. otherwise I am much better skin, I am taking a chewable daily for skin and hair but have lots of little scars from the thin skin but things are getting better and I never give up on dieting eating healthy and searching for that secret to my weight-loss journey which is not over. I encourage all of you out there struggling stick with the plan and give yourselves one day a week to eat whatever you want but after that day go right back its a way of life.

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I am so sorry that you had such a horrible experience please don't give up on yourself eat healthy and to keep fit walk it is the cheapest form of exercise