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Fasting as part of weight loss

It is interesting that there are so many posts related to fasting. I see this as a positive sign. Fasting has been used for millenia to promote good health. The other benefit is undoubtedly weight loss. If you observe the 5:2 diest discussed below you can probably eat whatever you want on the 5 days but in a way to get the full health benefits its probably better to go for the monthly 5 day fast. After 2-3 days the body readjusts to the fast and this is when the real benefits come in to play - though I do not want to discourage people from even the 5:2 fast.

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the healthiest I have ever felt was after a 6 day fast that I underwent by accident. I was stuck in hospital, after a car crash, and I was on alot of medication but I didnt eat anything. All I did was drink water. When I came out of hospital I felt incredible and I as back to the sort of weight I was when I was 22 (I am now 35). Fasting is interesting, but it is no good if it is counteracted with binge eating afterwards....


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