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few tips for weight loss


1. have small meals

2. have frequent meals

3. don't skip breakfast

4. eat juicy / citrus fruits inbetween

5. snack on walnuts, almonds (small quantity)/green salad

6. drink a lot of water

7. do at least 30 minutes physical exersion every day

8. forget the weighning scale for a month.

see the magic after a month.

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sorry does not work for me. Doing all this regularly for exactly 2 moths all i could manage was 1kg. What am i doing wrong?

vashas in reply to fnesse40

have patience. its not a thing which can happen with just a click. make changes in your physical exersion, increase the intensity as well as duration, push yourself little more beyond your tolerance level every day.

stick to low cal, low fat food. and please, don't starve yourself.

Let me share my experience. Go for a fast walk in the morning or evening...any time wearing ur fav. jogging shoe and ur fav. songs in ur MP3 ... but to start with 30 min and then in 7 days 2 hrs at a stretch. u can take 5-10 min brk if u feel breathlessness. u dont have to run... but fast walk is sufficient.

Before every meal, take one full bowl of kkellogs or oats with fat less curd. Make sure ur tummy is 75% full and then try all the tasty food on ur table. Since... u r already full... u cant hog... but u can taste all ur fav. food. its required... coz if u stop taking all the fatty food... crave for that will increase. drink lots of juices and water. make sure... u dont give opportunity to give urself a hungry state. if we r damn hungry.... noone can control us from having biriyanies, mc d, pizza, one full bottle of coke.... to avoid that craving... follow the process i mentioned earlier.

I reduced 12 kg in 2 months by following exactly the same.

Utsav in reply to subhasri

You did well. I would recommend no preservative food. Also Minimum or least gluten. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Lemon. No packaged food or juice.

vashas in reply to subhasri

another option is, have lots of salad with low fat dressing or a big bowl fo soup before meals. Having soup before dinner really helps. try it out.

Interesting indeed.

As there are many things which can help you in losing weight but with only exercise and dieting you can't maintain weight. you have to eat raspberry ketone. it is best product which contain berries.

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can c have normal cornflakes with milk instead of kkellogs?

vashas in reply to jainabha

why only cornflakes, u can have oats, puffed rice (murmura), puffed rajgira, dalia (broken wheat), raagi/bajara roti.

its necessary to take meal after kelloygs...in brkfst we cant have only kelloygs

thanx a lt

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