Need to lost 20 kg

Hi ! Iam aalia ! I'm a 22 yr old girl . I'm 174 cm tall and weigh 84 kg . I desperately need to lose weight . I've been dieting for quite some time and have lost more than 10 kg , but my weight seems to be stuck now . I've also just started brisk walking . I do it for 1 hour , 5 days a week .

I want to know if dieting and walking will help me drop the extra kilos . If not , what can I do to lose weight fast

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  • Hey aalia..! I would be glad to help you. Just mail me on

    P.S I don't charge even a penny to help you lose weight

  • hi alia,

    you are doing good but a thing to remember that at the age of 22 just walking is not enough, you need to work a little more harder, replacing walk with jogging could be better, and if you start using beyond weight management tea for your weight loss, you are gonna feel the difference in a few days. I have lost 20 lbs within weeks.

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