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i am a 42 year old female...weighs in at 184pds and is 5'5". My appearance is more solid than fat. But, fat it is. I'm not able to go to th

e gym so i walk and jog on a local school trackfield; along with, jogging up and down 20 steps; 20 times. I wear a total of three pds. around my ankle in doing so. I do this at least four times a week. I also try to eat healthy as much as possible and how much I consume as well. I want to build muscle and tone(dropping inches). My aim first are my thighs, mid-section and huge arms. Please give me your honest;truthful suggestions and help. I'm "deadset" on getting fit. Give me alternatives, professional help, etc......

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many times we fail to get benefits from our traditional methods of weightloss like gym, diet and exercise. even many time we get fed up with all those things. now in those conditions obesity surgery or bariatric surgery is one of the options that person can go for.

this method give substantial weightloss with life long result. no strict diet or strict gym and almost 30 to 50 kg weightloss.


hi,continue ur efforts consistently, weight reduction takes time. regular exercise combined with wise eating(balanced diet) will take care of ur early obesity issues. reducing weight gradually is healthy way. good luck!


thanks admertradhika...very positive, motivating and encouraging


im not that huge drdjbhatt.


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