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I want to reduce my pregnancy weight


Plsss help me to reduce weight in true meaning.i m 31 yrs mother of 15 mnts old daughter.i had c section delivery.my weight is 76kg n height 5.5 ft.my belly thighs n waist are bacame fatty.i want to comeback in shape...give me true answer..somebody told me abt herbalife products....it work really or not? If they works really then why people go to gyms n do yoga?

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Dear Ms. Aadhya,

You have given both the question and answer. No products can be had lifelong / will help you life long. Healthy eating, good exercise etc should become a daily habit and only these will do wonders for you. It is the difficult way out but the only way to maintain a healthy life style. Meet a dietician and trainer and follow their advise. Keep aside some time for you everyday ....with time you will enjoy and get addicted to exercising. It also keeps your mind positive and healthy. All the best!

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