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reduce weight by drinks

hey there!

The effective way to lose your weight in few days is in some drinks. drink regularly and lose your weight. drinks that helps in losing weight are-

1. cold water.

2.vegetable juice.

3. unsweetened tea

4. black coffee

5.apple cider vinegar.

for more details go to site rofl-world.blogspot.in/2013...

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Doubt consuming cold water frequently will reduce weight? Have heard that cold water will create improper digestion which will make the fats to stay back in our body and will lead to unhealthy weight gain. In contrary consuming hot water in regular intervals will lead to burning fats and pave way for weight reduction.. Can any expert correct me if my understanding is wrong?


having cold water after meals is harmful.,,that hardens the fat which u consumed and eventually u gain weight.so after meals ,infact after 15 min of finishing meals hot water can b consumed...helps in digestion ...


cant say much but if u r suffering from any disease related to bones or joint aches(like arthritis or spondylitis) coffee consumption i really doubt that ......friends whatever blog u r reading or website u r following ... diet varies from person to person and body ....dont just follow anything blindly....would request to do little more research on everything as per your body condition.... enjoy!!! be motivated !!! and patient!!! u havent gained that fat in a mnth or two how can u loose it in a mnth.... believe in urself and remember its summertime u might get dehydrated very easily after that tough cardio routine so drink water and glucose accordingly...


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