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Constipation and weight gain

Dear All,

I'm sure a lot of people have heard about constipation and immediate change in weight. Some people trying to reduce weight by counting calories experience it, others when they have chicken or a specific food. Stress, reduced intake of water, travelling, sudden change in food habits, and erratic eating habits, excessive intake of tea or coffee are other reasons.

Women also experience constipation during PMS (Pre menstrual syndrome).

You may also experience Water Retention and may feel blotted.

Remedies to over come Constipation.

- If you have been constipated for a day do not worry, just drink lots of warm water through out the day. Also drink 8 to 10 glasses for water.

- you may also try having warm lime juice with just a little salt.

- Have 1glass of hot Rasam or Pepper water.

- You may also try taking Isabgol with warm water before bed time.

- Drinking hot skimmed milk with Turmeric powder after an early dinner

- Do the butterfly posture in yoga ( 100 times a day- split it 4 times a day i.e just 20 times a sitting)

- you can try laxatives however its better to have fiber rich food than becoming dependent on laxatives.

- Try doing at least a cycle or two of suryanamaskar in the morning and walk for fifteen min after dinner at normal pace this will initiate the process of digestion.

Please feel to add your suggestions.

Take care and stay healthy :)

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